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An Ode to 2472

Getting transferred from Chennai to Bangalore during the monsoon of 2018, the hectic traffic and morning rush of B’lore while commuting in cabs seemed quite tiring. There I come across a himalayan granite, KA-XX XX 2472.

She was beautiful on road and off it. Within months I felt like I knew her in and out, the chain pulling the sprocket felt with every small throttle, a rare bond between a human and a machine. A characteristic throttle lag, unique exhaust sound and her stability made me fall in love with her. Some of my best nights in Bangalore was spent with her. A half-an-hour drive for just cup of tea may sound inane but not with the time I get to spend with her on empty roads, while the city was sleeping. 

Although I have another Himalayan now, I still contemplate those nights, and with it, the feeling of cold wind brushing the face amidst that imposing exhaust rumble.  

Author: bloggerhead

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