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How did we get here?

How fast did the time go
I once saw people walking down the road
The one that leads to the graves of their dreams
Burying a part of them along the way

Graves of our Dreams

They mourn, but carry on…

Running the daily race to escape 
The inevitable oblivion that consumes all.
Who’ll sing and speak of the ones –
Of the ones that fell on the way
Of the flags that reached no summit
Of the trees that give no shadow anymore
Of the breaths that cease in darkness and cold

This indifference is hurting,  a void in our hearts
Numbness is all I feel, 
Down with the sickness that no one can heal.

Did I miss any directions? 

Did we miss any signs? 

I remember a home
Filled with happiness and warmth.

In this wilderness, amidst nowhere, 
How my friend, have got here?